Anchor Your Light Lightcode – Extended Licence


This Lightcode carries a transmission of love so pure that it anchors your light into your human vessel so that you can fulfill your beautiful contribution to this planet.
The expressions and offerings that we are gifted with are simply pathways for our codes to reach the world.

Simply by being you, you are of incredible value to the world.
This Lightcode anchors this knowing deep into your being and supports the confident and luminous expression of your heart and gifts with the world.
It carries the frequencies of Love, Divinity, Luminosity, Purity, Divine Contribution, Confident Expression, Humility, Loving Emanation, Vitality, Delight, Appreciation, Wonder, Joy

Each lightcode will have its own messages for you. I invite you to listen to the messages and codes that it has to share with you – as a unique pairing, it will have specific messages for each individual soul.

This Extended Licence means that you can use the Lightcode in your online presence, business, and with your clients.
For the full licence details, please follow this link

With this licence and custodianship will receive:
All images in the display (300dpi)
Gold Lightcode with transparent background (300dpi)
All Images received without watermark
Licence information
How to use your Lightcode information

Extended Licence

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