Radiant Beauty

Crystalline Alchemy™️ Essence

For Maria Highfield

Alchemical Invocation

✧✧  Soul Infused Blessing ✧✧

In the presence of beings of the highest light, I hereby encode the completion of the co-creation of this beautiful potent course with it’s highest divine timeline.

I request the codes of Divine Service be woven through, as it touches the hearts of many and contributes to the raising of the consciousness and embodiment of humanity as we pave the way for the New Earth.

I request Divine Abundance be woven through as it flourishes in it’s beautiful presence in the community, touching the heart of many and weaving opulent divine abundance in the world.

I request that all of Maria’s beautiful unique soul codes and any others that are in alignment with the highest timeline of this course be woven through this offering and so the hearts of her soul tribe can feel, be magnetised towards and invest in this course.

May this beautiful Being that is the Radiant Beauty Online Course, grow and expand in her energy, filling her field and the world with love, vitality, embodied alignment, divine evolution, expansion, service, abundance, divinity, and play and all that she wants to be in the world!

She is divine and she is alive!

And So It Is

Crystalline Alchemy Essence Creation

Crystal Purified Water, Organic Alcohol, Sacred Chalice Well Water (White Well & Red Well, Glastonbury), Crystalline Extracts.

This Crystalline Essence is handmade with love and the finest quality crystals (cleansed, activated, charged and coded in the presence of auspicious celestial skies, high-frequency celestial Love beings, and sacred invocations & chants).

All crystalline essences receive extended Ceremony Ritual blessings from representatives of the Council of the Light, The Arcturian Council of Light, the Sirian and Lyran Council of Light, the Blue Lotus Elementals & the Fae Elementals, Sophia Christ Light, Quan Yin, The Lemurian High Priestess (Amara), the Queen of the Angels, Yeshua Christ Consciousness and The Lemurian High Priest (Adama).

The essence is lovingly immersed in potent vibrational healing frequencies, imprinting it to activate & align you with your highest divine blueprint.


Rose Quartz

Love & Forgiveness

 open your heart to Divine Love
finding pathways to truth, grace and higher peace
✧ opening to joy, life force and higher light
✧ supports us to slow down & recalibrate our nervous system
✧ lifting the heart frequency healing across all layers of being and connection
✧ purifies and rejuvenated the body for high vibe elecro-connection with others

‘May your beautiful heart be blessed with a deep & loving opening to the wholeness of the Love within you’


Mother Goddess

 open your heart to deep feeling
spend time with the ocean
✧ let Mother Gaia embrace you
✧ allow your emotions to move through your body
✧ balances natural cycles
✧ softens any hardened parts of the heart to let the light back in
✧ stabilises emotions and increased calm
✧ promotes intuition, inspiration, success and good fortune in love

‘May your heart be blessed with the soft remembering of  your most compassionate, loving Self’


Limitless Self

✧ inspires creativity and imagination
✧ invites calm expression and a balanced nervous system
✧ balances masculine and feminine aspects within
✧ provides soothing & heart balance and healing
✧ dissolves lower light distortions allowing for clear and loving understanding
✧ activated ever deepening compassion and balanced empathy

‘May your Divine Union be blessed with the love and grounding of Gaia as you activate limitless love within self and each other’


Cosmic Connection

✧ grounds us to connect our cosmic channel into physical experience
✧ aligns our body resonance with the refined electromagnetic field of the Gaia
✧ releases trapped expressions, opening pathways for love to flow
✧ promotes trust, confidence & optimism in life
✧ invites joy and wonder
✧ connects us to Love & the Light of the Cosmos

‘May your Divine Union be blessed with the embodiment of the highest light of love as your feet walk gently on the earth’

Lemurian Seed Quatrz

Stairway to Heaven on Earth

✧ wisdom keepers of sacred keys and symbols
✧ attune with the secrets of the universe
✧ unlock the majik of the celestial realms
✧ alignment to deep self care and self love
✧ facilitates celebration of individual unique codes
✧ connects you with your divine purpose and higher realms & timelines
✧ Bridges the Divinity of Gaia with the Divinity of the Cosmos – within and without

‘May your Divine Being be blessed with the knowing of the Keys of your soul, as you share your heart for the activation of our Embodied Heaven on the New Earth’

May all Beings be Blessed with Sacred Radiance
For the Wellbeing of All
And so it is