Crystalline Alchemy

Alchemy & Essences

Refining and aligning you energetic field
to your true soul frequency

These Crystalline Alchemy Essences are quantum healing therapeutic mineral remedies that support you to embody new ways of being, heal the past, create new neural and habitual pathways in your body and brain, shift into new frequencies of living, and activate your most incredible life and the most aligned and embodies YOU. They support you to heal, open and activate your true self, so that you can come out and be seen by the world.

They are created within a powerful crystalline field that is supported by an incredible collection of being of the highest light, highest vibrational love, refined crystalline imprints, and potent healing and balancing frequencies.

Activate, Refine and Align with your soul’s highest divine appointment on this planet and LIVE THE LIFE YOU KNOW YOU ARE HERE FOR through the deep and alchemical support of Crystalline Alchemy Essences.

I am here to

Support You Along The Way

✧ Crystalline Alchemy ™️ Essences ✧

Crystalline Alchemy Essences shift your frequency to a new embodiment and deepen your experience of yourself in the world. Crystalline Alchemy supports us to attune our bodies, beings, and awareness to the subtle energies that move through and around us at all times and shift, open and heal our embodied experiences our world.

The essences support you to support you to shift foundational ways of being, neural pathways and embedded biological imprints, unlock entirely new expressions of you, heal past emotional imprints, remnant physical injuries, heal ancient ancestral lines, inspire new and vital energy pathways in your body and being.


Sophia Christ Alchemy Crystalline Essence
Lemurian Queen Alchemy Crystalline Essence
Earth Seed Alchemy Crystalline Essence
Opulent Queen Alchemy Crystalline Essence

All essences are created within a powerful alchemical crystalline field of the highest light of love, in the presence of ascended and galactic masters of Love.

✧ Soul Code Alchemical Essences ✧

Soul Code Achemical Essences are created specifically for your unique soul & blueprint. They support you to shift your frequency to a new embodiment & deepen your experience of yourself in the world. They carry the healing frequencies of the foundational Crystalline Essences and then have additional Tailored Codes imprinted as well.

Using one of the foundational Crystalline Alchemy Essences as a base, we create an essence that is tailored to your specific Soul Blueprint and Divine Appointment on the planet. We can focus it’s healing to specific parts of your souls journey, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

In a galactic chamber of light, I channel through a hand-drawn Alchemical Soul Code artwork that is entirely unique to you that has the purpose of activating your Divine Appointment. We then imprint the Alchemical Soul Code into the essence along with all of the frequencies we have activated in it.

(Please note these coded essences are a different from the Digital Soul Code Alchemy, which is a Digital Soul Code created for branding purposes that come with a BONUS personlised Crystalline Essence.)

Crystalline Alchemy™️ Consultation

✧✧ 1hr Session ✧✧

Calling in all the incredible beings who want to live their most amazing lives! Those who want to be the best version of themselves, to live the life of their dreams, to have the confidence to BE themselves and share their light with the world, to live with radiance, love and have abundant energy to share their beautiful hearts with the world.


Because simply being YOU, you are of incredible value to the world
Your unique heart & soul codes come together to create your aligned Soul Presence.

If we move towards our highest divine appointment on this planet with love, self-accountable evolution, and dedication, then we can really be a powerful part of this transition humanity is in right now.

This means that YOU are a gift that humanity needs right now.


And I am here as a channel, alchemist, healer and guide to support your empowered journey back to YOU!

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