Pippa La Doube

We are here to raise the consciousness & frequency of humanity,
creating a world where Love leads the way.
You Were Born to Shine!


To The Temple

To all the incredible love-light souls who desire to create their most incredible life!

Because you are here one earth to actualise the life know is possible, it is time to really step boldly into the most amazing version of yourself.

If we embody the confidence to truly Be Ourselves, Honour our Soul and Shine our Light, then we move in the world with Radiance, Love and Abundant Energy.

This makes us more able to offer our hearts and generosity with the world from a full and loving place.

And this means we can really step into our role as an integral part of this movement back to Love embodying our Highest Divine Appointment on this planet.

Calling in all the beautiful love light souls…

Those who are here to help humanity ascend to the embodiment of the New Earth
Those who are here for Love and the Highest Light
Those who are on a majikal spiritual soul journey and seek to grow and evolve in all areas of life
Those who dare to dream big and actualise their deepest desires
Those who are 100% committed to living their dreams and creating their most incredible life
Those who really believe that everything is possible
Those who believe in majik & soul evolution
Those who are willing to grow, change and do the work.

I am here to

Support You Along The Way

I Believe in Your Majik.
I Believe in Your Power.
I Believe in Your Heart.
I Believe in Your Voice.

Together, we are here to raise the universe
to a whole new level of Embodied Love!

You Were Born To Shine!

May Your Life

Be Imbued with beauty & majik
May your soul feel alive with wonder
May the soft touch of your feet on the earth
Fill you with overflowing joy

~ Pippa La Doube ~

Beautiful One

Because simply being YOU, you are of incredible value to the world,
We are the wayfarers of a new way
We are here to guide humanity back to Love.
Your unique heart & soul codes come together to create your aligned Soul Presence
YOU are a gift that humanity needs for this transition.

It is time to confidently shine your light!

If we brave our edges and grow and evolve through love, awareness, action & accountability…
Then we illuminate the world with more radiant energy that ripples out to touch the world in phenomenal, transformative ways.

Because you are here to LIVE your MOST INCREDIBLE LIFE!

If we shift our relationship with ourselves…

Then the world changes around us. Some things fall away, some things deepen and some things arrive. When we create and embody a new and loving relationship with ourselves, it makes pathways for us to lead the way for a New Earth.

I support incredible women across the globe reframe their relationship with themselves as they evolve (spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically), supporting us to collectively raise the consciousness, vibration and frequency of humanity, creating a world where Love leads the way!

I am here to inspire, cultivate and guide emotional growth, body evolution, soul evolution and vibrational life alignment through Majik & Alchemy, Crystalline Essences, Ritual Bundles, Private Mentoring, Private Retreat Immersions, and Retreats.

Dare To

Love Yourself as if You were a
Rainbow with Gold at Both Ends’

~ Aberjhani ~

We are blessed to live at

an incredible time of ascension

The frequency of the planet is shifting to align more and more with the vibration of Love.

We are being called to emerge from our hiding, brave the winds of the world and shine our powerful loving light as we share our deepest gifts. It is time for us to remember who we are, remember the majik that we carry, dance confidently in the light of our soul and walk as the pillars of light that we are.

We are here as Pillars of Light and it is our Sacred Responsibility to re-frame the old paradigm and shift humanity back to Love.

Our Mentorships, Retreats & Alchemy are Here To Guide You Home to Your Most Embodied, Loving Luminous Self


Alchemy & Essences


Crystalline Alchemy supports us to attune our bodies, beings, & awareness to the fine subtle energies of Light that move through & around us at all times. We look at the fine vibrational world as the building blocks of our physical reality & begin to refine our awareness to feel both the seen and unseen in our bodies, being & the world. By refining & aligning our energetic field to new vibrations, we can shift our frequency to align with a new way, supporting you to refine & align with your souls highest divine appointment on this planet.

✧ Crystalline Essences ✧

✧ Embodiment Activations ✧

✧ Celestial Code Upgrades ✧

✧ Ceremonial Majik & Ritual ✧

✧ Nervous System Reset ✧

✧ Conscious Nutrition ✧


Immersion & Retreats


In our Sacred Experiential Retreats and Online Immersions , we facilitate a safe and loving environment for you to explore your deep inner worlds. Come & activate your most luminous soul self and build confidence to boldly & lovingly share your heart with the world. We support you to understand and embody your highest divine frequency through alchemy, clearing past hurts, meeting challenges, reframing neural pathways, meditations, practices, awarenesses. It is time to embody your miraculous expression in this world.

✧ Lemurian Hearts Retreats ✧

✧ Creative Nourishment Retreats ✧

✧ Lemurian Queen Immersion ✧

✧ Embodying Aphrodite Immersion ✧

✧ Celestial Code Upgrades ✧

✧ Ceremonial Majik & Ritual ✧


Evolution & Alchemy


During these Evolution Alchemy & Mentoring Sessions, you will be supported to meet the deepest parts of your soul (both the shadow and the light), understand & heal deep hurts from your past (this lifetime & beyond), shift & change neural pathways to create new ways of being, wield your souls majikal alchemy to clear your energetic field and create new foundational frequencies to build your life upon, and find practical personalised actions to support you to come into alignment with your souls divine appointment on this planet.

✧ Personalised Programs ✧

✧ Soul Majik Alchemy ✧

✧ Emotional Evolution Activations ✧

✧ Ceremonial Majik & Ritual ✧

✧ Practical Life Evolution & Shifts ✧

✧ Neural Pathway Recoding ✧

Illumination Session


During this 15 minute complementary Illumination Session we will determine whether we are a vibrational match for Private Evolution Alchemy & Mentoring.

Calling in all the incredible women who want to live their most amazing lives! Those who want to be the best version of themselves, to live the life of their dreams, to have the confidence to BE themselves and share their light with the world, to live with radiance, love and have abundant energy to share their beautiful hearts with the world.

You were born to shine! I am here with alchemy, guidance & mentoring to support your empowered journey back to YOU!

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